The Illith are a parasitic race, reproducing
themselves only through infesting a living host
with one of their larval eggs.

Each Illith tribe is ruled by a Queen; a being
capable of sensing the thoughts of each of her
brood as well as of nearby worlds. These queens
rule from massive floating hives that hunt the
Ether like hungry swarms.

When a Queen senses a world ripe with
intelligent life, she will open a rift in the Ethereal
space so that her hive-ship can cross the gap
into the skies above the new hunting grounds.

The Harvesting of living hosts leaves the hive very
vunerable. Nearly all of the Tribe is on the planet's
surface securing the new hosts. Should they fail to
gather enough to accomodate the Queen's
spawning cycle, their numbers will eventually thin
and they become targets of other, more powerful

It is because of this constant warfare between
the tribes that the wide-scale harvesting of
worlds was infrequent.

This was the way of things in the Ether until She

The Black Queen.

The Black Queen sent her own ships to kill the
opposing queens, seizing what hosts they had
claimed and enslaved the hunters of the other
tribe as her own.

The power of the Black Queen was as
unmatched as the size of her fleet.

Harvests that may have taken a hundred or more
hosts were for lesser tribes. The Black Queen
dominated whole worlds, enslaving thousands to
her will as her Brood continued to swell.

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