Hrith-Gar Text

Last Reported Location:

Last Noted Use: 489 GR

This book is bound in the dark grey hide of a rough scaly creature. The book is above average in size with no marking upon the cover. The pages are unevenly cut with a large claw used to secure cover in place when closed. This book radiates evil to an area of five feet around it. Lights will seem dim while in proximity and the cover is cold to the touch.

The parchment pages are written in a good hand but there are several corrections and revisions throughout the text as though the book was a record of one’s research rather than a finished text. In fact, the text is a record of Maltharius’ research into the subject of Dark Alchemy. The three-hundred, forty-one pages of the book are complete with his experiments and research as the foundation this black arcane skill.

Those who study Dark Alchemy would notice that there are several formulas contained within the text that are not known by even the most experienced follower of this path – apparently known only to Maltharius himself

Key to the unknown formulas within this text is the process by which one is able to steal the lifeforce of another to remain young.