House of Gubassi
Important Information
Rank Major House, South Marches
Holdings Settlements
Members Members
Heirlooms Heirlooms


The Gubassi family has been known within the South Marches for many years. Originally a Merchant Syndicate known as the Three Serpents from Kel Essen, the patriarch moved into the South Marches when a new king of the Kel decided to put a price out on their heads for their buisness tactics and their dealings with slavers.

At first they moved to the town of White Harbor in the South Marches as their dealings had expanded into the interior of the south. But quickly they realized that the House of Vryn did not like having such a power-hungry family nearby and forced them out. They eventually settled in the town of South Point  in 821 KR and kept themselves hidden from the House of Borrath - knowing that they would quickly be ejected once more. 

By 857 KR , they had found a way to potentially remove the House of Borrath from the Barony and claim it as their own. Their actions became known as the Kinslayer Wedding. Their attempt to have the House of Borrath blamed for their actions against House Grellen almost worked and if it wasn't for the Shadowthorn Brotherhood, they would have succeeded. But during the end of the Hundred Winter War, their involvement in the framing of Borrath was revealed and the component forces of Norello, Grellen, Torgus and Borrath turned against the Gubassi stronghold.

With the Seige of the Gubassi Stronghold ending the Hundred-Day War , the stronghold lasted only a matter of hours and the seige ended in the death of Lord Hamlik in 857 KR. Lady Jenaia Gubassi escaped the stronghold with her son, Algar. They escaped to the south into the Barony of Dunmorr in the city of Baron's Gate.

Lady Jenaia later returned to the Barony of Ashwood and kidnapped and killed the Lady Raegan Vryn 879 KR. She then assumed her identity with dark rituals and plotted the destruction of the House of Torgus. In  880 KR , in an event known as the Feast of Ashes , destroyed the whole of the House of Torgus and claimed the barony as the only 'legitimate' heir, moving her 'son', Algar Gubassi , in as her personal body guard.


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