House of Alba
Important Information
Rank Major House, North Marches
Founding 602 KR
Motto "Evermore"
Seat Thornhaven, March of Blackthorn
Members Members
Economics Farming, Timber

A minor house of the North Marches who founded the march of Blackthorn and the Barony of Briarwood.

The House of Alba rules over the territory of the Briarwood and has alliances with the House of Bromwell, Norello and of Argen

The House founded the town of Thornhaven and built Thornhaven Priory to educate the members of its Barony.

Junior Houses

Major Events


The House of Alba was founded by Lord Calavar and Lady Nasyr in 601 KR




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As the House of Alba, or the House of the Oak in old Arness, was founded within the Barony of North Shield by a Ranger in service to the House of Bromwell . they chose the god Huran as their patron with a shrine to Amara as well. 


See also: House of Alba/Tree


Casters are, to any Household, incredibly important. They are both military might and potentially a source of healing and comfort for their people. Though not all of the casters may be members of the family, those who serve are given special consideration and are often considered 'adopted members' due to their importance.


The House of Alba is a major force within the North Marches having thousands of men under their banners should they be called into service. Each march is lead by a trusted house - one that has served the family for generations. Aside from the Marches of the Barony, there are also many Knightholds throughout the area each controlled by a banner house loyal to the barony. 

The collection of Banner Houses, each with their green banners are known as Oak Men



Marches of Briarwood
Crest March Seat Household Trades
Crest-Alba-Eastwyck Eastwyck Browin House Alba of Eastwyck Troops / Grain
Crest-silverthorn Evanyl Ironstar Hold House of Ironstar Silver / Herbs
Crest-Alba-01 Blackthorn Thornhaven House of Alba
Crest-Forester-01 Southmarch Willow Dale House of Forester
Crest-Garner-01 Westreach Westhall House of Garner Iron Deposits
Crest-Alba-Norwyd Norwyd Stonebury House Alba of Norwyd Stone / Timber

North Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Location
Brendoak Alba "Evermore" Thornhaven West
Dale Baelyn "Noble in our Fury" Fallcrest South East
Weston]] Tarly "Here we Stand" Barons Bridge East Central
High Reaches Bromwell "Family First" Highward West
Midlund Norello "Right Conquers Might" Kingsbridge South Central
Northshield Fenryk "Never Alone" Northhaven North East

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