House of Aerys
Important Information
Rank Major House
Founding 500 KR
Motto Equal to the Stars in Endurance
Seat Aldercrag,Stormwatch
Holdings Holdings
Members Members
Heirlooms Heirlooms
Economics Economic interests

A Major House of the North Marches and has ruled over the city and barony that it founded, Stormwatch, for nearly the length of human history. Their lands encompass the Stormpeaks, a large mountainous rock on the eastern edge of the North Marches at the mouth of the Narrow Sea

During the War of Shadows, the House of Aerys was one of the main houses that kept the Southern Marches from invading the north.


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North Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Location
Briarwood Alba "Evermore" Thornhaven West
Brendoak Baelyn "Noble in our Fury" Fallcrest South East
Eastlund Tarly "Here we Stand" Barons Bridge East Central
High Reaches Bromwell "Family First" Highward West
Midlund Norello "Right Conquers Might" Kingsbridge South Central
Northshield Fenryk "Never Alone" Northhaven North East

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