After the Elder Godswere condemned to their separate planes of existence, Uthrum created new gods and bound their fates to the mortal creatures from which they would gain their power. These new, Greater Gods, were lesser in potency than their Elders but by Uthrum's decree they would be more involved with the mortal world. They were charged with protecting the mortal races from the dangers outside of their reality. In short, the greater gods were created to protect mortals from the creatures from the Infernal and Abyssal planes, etc. who would seek to undo Uthrum's creations or use them for their own purposes.

Each of the Greater Gods would gain power and divine energy by the number of mortals who followed their teachings.

Birth of the Gods

Greater Gods

First Born: Gizad, Gorm, Amara

Second Born: Arn, Malvoch

Lesser Gods

Third Born: Sylvalune, Assura

Fourth Born: Shill, Alure, Henna

Fifth Born: Ulevar, Lytha, Arza

Sixty Born: Nashale, Sicara, Lesha, Aradia

Created Gods

Archeron (Maladon)

Maltharius (Self)

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