Once Uthrum had created the world of Akara, he began to populate with the elements. Once he was finished, he created the concepts of dualities; Good and Evil, Order and Chaos and within each created gods to oversee that aspect within his new creation.

These beings became known as the Elder Gods.

"Someone" The lord of all that is Good.

"Eimon" The judge, Lord of Law

"Azmarath" The unmaker, Lord of all that is Evil.

"Someone" The corruptor, Lady of all that is Chaos.

These dualities were constantly struggling against one another, eventually influencing those creatures in the world to follow them. Unfortunately all such beings were immortal and so they were incapable of loosing any battle. The resulting battles, though pointless, were little more than great chaotic rifts that began tearing the world apart. It was at this time that Uthrum returned and added a fifth member to the Elder Court. The fifth member would bring a much-needed sense of balance to their world as he would bring an end to the chaotic, unwinable battles - he would bring death.

"Maladon", The Weeping Lord, Lord of Death.

Maladon imposed a sense of mortality unto the world and Uthrum banished the other four to their newly created planes of power. Each of the four were condemned to reside within their respective planes for eterntiy - thus generally keeping out of the affairs of the world until needed.

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