The third Barony in the North Marches and home to the city of Highward. The region is located at the north west corner of the North Marches where the region is divided from the Hinterlands by the Woodstone Ridge.


The area around the town of Highward is known as the High Reaches. It is so named due to its location in the highlands of the south spur of Grandfather mountain.

The High Reaches are bordered by the Briarwood to the east, the town of Thornhold to the north and Daedan to the south.





Marches of the High Reaches

Marches of High Reaches
March Seat Household Trades
High Reaches Highward House of Argen
Stone Reach Feldspar Stone
Rivers Reach Hamling Hall


See Also

North Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Location
Briarwood Alba "Evermore" Thornhaven West
Brendoak Baelyn "Noble in our Fury" Fallcrest South East
Eastlund Tarly "Here we Stand" Barons Bridge East Central
High Reaches Bromwell "Family First" Highward West
Midlund Norello "Right Conquers Might" Kingsbridge South Central
Northshield Fenryk "Never Alone" Northhaven North East

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