The High King is the ruler of all of the Kels at once. As each of the Kels is a kingdom of its own, the High King is the ruler to whom the other kings obey in times of great strife and conflict.

The High King is said to sit upon the 'Golden Throne' representing his term as ruler of all of the Kels. The Golden Throne is a temporary title for the Kings of the Kels will only show fealty to the High King for so long as the communal threat exists.

Title Created by  In Charge of Settlements Population

High King

Nation Kels

King of the Kels

Kingdom Metropolis

Duke of the Marches

King Duchy Three Baronies 10000+




King County Two Baronies 7001-10000

March Baron

Duke Barony One Barony 3001-7000

Lord Commander

Duke N/A

March Lord

Count March Large Town 1001-3000

Landed Lord

Baron Township Small Town 401-1000

Lord of the Court



March Lord Holdfast Village 201-400
Man-At-Arms Knight Hamlet 81-200
Shieldman Knight Thorp 20-80

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