Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Messenger
The Luck Bringer
Rank Lesser God
Servants None
Dominion Court of Light
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio Travel, Luck, Commerce / Trade
Worshipers Companion, Musicians
Followers Alignment Any Good, Chaotic
Domains Luck, Trickery, Travel
Allegiance Arn,

Henna is the Lesser Goddess of Luck, Commerce/Trade, and Travel. She is the twin sister of the Lesser Goddess of Seduction, Corruption and Temptation Shill and of Alure is the lesser goddess of Beauty, Love and Music. 


Henna was the eldest born of three sisters, Henna, Alure and Shill. Although they do not share the same father they are as close as sisters can be. This means that sometimes they're the best of friends and sometimes they're their worst enemies. After Shill was forgotten during the War of the Burning Heavens, Henna picked up was elevated to a Lesser Goddess. 

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Sacred Items

  • Metal: Copper
  • Animal: Fox
  • Season: Summer
  • Element: Earth
  • Prime Hour: Dusk
  • Holy Symbol: An infinity knot
  • Favored Weapon:   



Hennites do not create Temples in the traditional sense, moreso they create shrines along the roads to show distance and any information about the surrounding area.

Holidays & Rituals

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Henna , as the goddess of luck, travel and trickery is often at odds with Ulevar. Where as Ulevar wants to trade things back and forth to gain profit, wealth and power, Henna just wants to steal it. It's the challenge of the theft which she likes not necessarily the profit gained from selling what was stolen. A follower of Henna would take months to find a way to break into a vault to steal a rare and precious gem. Such an item is begging to be stolen in her opinion and she will encourage her followers to use every resource at their disposal to get in, get the gem and get out without getting caught. Once they have the gem, to a Hennite , there is no more value to it. They could sell it, give it away or just toss in a river for all she cares. Poverty or wealth isn't a concern to Henna - getting caught or failing to challenge one's self is. 



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