A massively long, composite bow created by the High Elves of Sylvanar . The Heart Bow, created from the heart of a Brightwood Tree , is snow white and stands almost seven feet tall when strung. The bow is able to deliver an arrow twice the normal range of any standard composite longbow made by other races.

The enchantments laid upon the Heart Bows have a specific trigger; Elf-Blooded . Only those who are of elven blood (meaning have an elven ancestor within the past four generations) are able to use the magic within the weapon.

These enormously long bows and their construction was a closely guarded secret and they were found only within the Kingdom of Solonar with a few exceptions.

The Twelve

Twelve Heart Bows were created to serve the King of Sylvanar Each of the tweleve bows were given a name and each had special abilities enchanted into each.

These twelve bows were given names by their original owners and have been passed down within the royal guard of Sylvanari as treasured heirlooms.

The Named Bows

Names Translated into Arness

  1. Dawn's Light
  2. Silver Wing
  3. Heart Sting

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