The old runes of the Hanabril are pictographic, that is that they convey meaning based on the image shown. Not a true alphabet in the strictest sense, their runes are used in clothing, jewelry and to point out landmarks within their territory.

Interestingly, the symbol for the Halfling peoples shows three objects: A shaft of wheat, a spear and a staff. The Hanabril say that they are the wheat for they are the People of the Meadows. The spear is for the Norbril as they are the People of the North (with humans) and the staff is for the Tenebril for they are the People of the Shadows.

List of Runes

Hanabril-symbol-02 Hanabril-symbol-03b Hanabril-glyph-12 4854042521 f89fc67c69 o 4854662748 547f2a7110 o Halfling-glyph-danger-02
The Hanabril The Norbril The Elves Shrine
4854667776 620f93c57f o Avatar Air Nation Symbol by juubi156 Hanabril-glyph-06 Hanabril-symbol-03a Hanabril-symbol Hanabril-glyph-04
The Sun Village Spring, growth, fertility The Wind The Halfling Peoples
Hanabril-glyph-03 Deepumbra
Hanabril-glyph-02 Hanabril-glyph-08 Hanabril-glyph-07
The Moon The Pilgrim's Star Naga / Serpents Healer / Druid Dragon / Great Green Sea
Hanabril-glyph-09 Hanabril-glyph-10 Hanabril-glyph-05

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