The Green Wardens is an order of Rangers tasked with patrolling the North Marches and ensuring against another goblin uprising. 

The Order of Green Wardens was created after the Second Goblin War which ended in 787 KR. (See also: Founding of the Green Wardens

The Wardens or as some call them the 'Green Cloaks or Green Men" operate out of watch towers small forts stationed along the main roads in the more rural areas of the North Marches ensuring the safety of travelers and merchants from roaming bands of goblins.

Oath of a Green Warden

Green Wardens renounce all land and title when they join the order. They swear never to father children nor to abandon their post. 

The oath of a Green Warden is for life.

All candidates who wish to become a Green Warden must first finish a five year pledge of service, an apprenticeship period commonly observed before taking the vows of a Green Warden. This apprenticeship is either with the Rangers, the Stewards or the Smiths. Regardless of which branch of the Wardens one serves in their apprenticeship they are all taught the skills necessary to be a Warden. When completed they are asked if he wished to  take his vows and become a Warden.

Those who remain as Stewards, as not true Wardens, are not obligated to remain within the Order except for pledges of five years of service.


Physically the Green Wardens are known for their top knot of hair, often called a Warden's Knot. Aside from that one feature they are most easily identified by the green cloaks they wear and the blackwood bows they carry.  



The Wardens are organized as a military order. The head of this order is the Lord Commander of the Wardens. Under his authority are three sub-commanders; the Chief Steward, the Chief Ranger, and the Chief Smith. Each of these men control a different aspect of the warden's operation. 

The Chief Steward handles all of the physical needs of the Wardens including clothing, food and healing. The Chief Smith handles all of their material needs such as weapons and armor. The Chief Ranger handles all of their educational needs such as training and supervision. 

All orders concerning the operations of the Wardens come from Wyrmwatch where the Lord Commander and the three sub-commanders are located. Each of their outposts, called Green Towers, will have an appointed Commander to rule in the Lord Commander's name. Under the Commander is the Steward, Ranger and Smith with duties similar to their superior counterparts. 

The commander of a Tower has authority over the Wardens assigned to his outpost and is charged with ensuring against goblin uprising within his area. 

Known Green Men

Known Green Towers

See also Green Towers


Several Noble Houses support the Order of Green Wardens.  
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