A Green Walker is a gigantic wood elemental.
Considered by the Sylvanari to be emissaries of Sylvalune, the Green Walkers (those who walk in the Green (Wood)) will often slumber for decades or centuries until called upon for assistance. Green Walkers bring the forests with them when they travel, literally. In their wake - everywhere they walk, trees and greenery of almost every sort will sprout up as if magically enhanced. A tree might reach six or seven feet tall in a matter of moments based on how quickly the creature is traveling. Wherever a Green Walker is standing, or slumbering, the forest will grow rich and thrive with massive trees and dense groves. The longer they remain in the area the taller that the trees will grow and more dense the forest will become.

In those areas where the Sylvanari suspect that a Green Walker is slumbering, they will tie braided ropes around some of the trees to mark the border of the Walker's protected grove.

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