The Great Green Sea is a region beyond the Southlands that is known for its wild and untamed graslands, marshes and jungles.



The Great Green Sea is the south east corner of Arland. Surrounded on two sides by a ribbon of cliffs nearly two-hundred feet tall, the region appears as though it were part of the surrounding terrain and then suddenly 'sank' in a massive earthquake.

The Great Green Sea is vast, wider than the Sentinel Sea itself and nearly as long.


The climate of the Green Sea is wet and muggy, constantly being warmed by the winds from the South Sea and Sea of Shards. The canopy regions that hug the cliffs are shrouded in a near-constant fog bank as the warmer air of the south meets the cooler air of the north. The fog bank only fades in the warmest months of spring and summer.


The Great Green Sea is divided up into many different regions. The forest canopies to the north along the cliff's edge eventually blend into the grasslands and then as the terrain sinks closer and closer to sea level - the marshy spore fields.


The Great Green Sea is a human translation of the Gnomish word for the place. Originally discovered by Gnomish explores in the year 647 KR, they kept the discovery mostly to themselves. Later, human explorers from the South Marches began to explore further along the Green River until they came across the Great Falls in 540 KR .  It was only later that it was discovered that the Halfling word for the region was translated to mean "Far Green (or Life) Lands"

The Lizardkings

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The Flow

Arcane energy flows deeply throughout the Great Green Sea; rivers of power that are as wide and as strong as any 'real' river. Those who look out onto the lush landscape with either wizard sight or arcane goggles could easily see the ribbons of energy that crisscross the land like the many streams that cut it up. This being said, the Flow is meerly a trickle when compared to the amount of Natural Energy that pulsates throughout the region.


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Known Fauna

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Known Flora

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Swamps & Marshes

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