The Great Falls is a border between the Great Green Sea and the Marsh Fields


Main article: Discovery of the Great Falls


Located in the north of the region, the falls mark the end of the Green River and the begining of the many streams and runs that criss-cross the swampy jungle that the Green Sea is known for.


Traversing the Great Falls is nearly impossible on any large scale. The only means to do so are by way of a narrow set of steps, called the Winding Stair ,  cut into the stone of the cliffs that make up the northern edge of the region. The stairs wind this way and that along the edge and are not in the best condition. Only the best guides can safely lead people down the stairs, knowing where to step and where not to step.

In many places the stairs cross deep cracks in the cliff sides and have been connected with rope bridges. For this reason it is difficult to transport goods in large amount down to or up from the jungle floor below.

On occasion a wizard will be present and lower or raise a party by use of a floating platform however this is very expensive and dangerous.

  • Dangers of arcane use in the Great Green Sea.

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