The sport of goblin ball is thought to have first been created in the goblin pits of Baron’s Gate. The sport was copied by the city of Belcommon with humans and a much more ‘sporty’ atmosphere. Teams sponsored by noble families and local trade guilds became a favorite pastime for the citizens. In a few years the sport had spread to other major human cities and then later into the surrounding towns and villages though the facilities were much less elaborate.


A goblin ball team has seven players; one captain who protects the goal, two shooters who can pick up the ball and throw it around the field and four squatters who attempt to tackle those with the ball or defend their own shooters. The first team who can score nine points will win the match.


Goblin Ball is played in almost every corner of the Kels, Provinces and the Marches though the rules can differ slightly.

In the Marches, the game is played under the guise of how it was "originally" played with the two teams being either the Goblins or the Farmers. In this version the Goblin Team gets a five-count headstart to run from their goal to the center of the field where the ball (called an lam) is placed. At the end of the five-count, the Farmer team sprints out from their goal to the center to grab the Lam for themselves. The ewe can not be thrown but can be pitched (with two hands) from person to person to try and get it back to the goal.

The position of the shooter is still the fastest runner and the best pitcher. The squatters are still the more sturdy players who can intercept the opposing side.

The concept behind the game is such that it reflects the real-life struggle of farmers that are attacked by bands of goblins who attempt to steal the young sheep (lam) and carry them back to their warren deep in the forest. If the farmer can return the lam to his barn the animal is safe. If the goblin can make off with the lam his people are fed.

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