Possibly the first form of goblin after they left the oceans.


Forest Goblins tend to congregate in semi-subterrainain shelters similar to a rabbits warren.

They are typically founded within forested regions where they can find sufficient shelter to remain hidden from larger prey-animals and the sentient races. During this time, they will commonly plant several bramblethorn plants in proximity to their new home and then shape the branches and thorns into defensive structures to both conceal and protect their warren-like communities.


Goblins are functionally matriarchal with the breeding females being the leaders and the males being the hunters who bring back food for the young.

As goblins are small creatures, they commonly will tame or domesticate wild beasts to ride to improve their ability to hunt and forrage. Wolven (a variety of large wolves) are raised for this reason. Goblins will also tend to hunt in packs, never engaging an enemy or target until they have a clear advantage in numbers. They're common tactic is to wait in ambush around a trap that they've constructed that will wound the target and then swarm in to finish the job.


Scavenger. Goblins don't have much in the way of technology. Left to their own devices they are just barely above the stone or copper age. However, they are fantastic scavengers and as such will take anything that they think is useful to their Warren. Broken swords, rusted axes and scraps of armor are expertly re-worked into functional, if often ugly, tools.

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