Fire Fern
Vital statistics
Type Fern
Effect ...
Habitat Woodland
Availability Common
Cost to sell 5 SP

Fire Fern is a variety of fern that has tiny hair-like barbs along its leaves. Should these hairs touch bare skin, they leave burn-like blisters across the affected area. The plant is difficult to miss with its long, bright-red leaves which grow to about a foot in length, each. 


Gathering the ferns usually requires the herbalist to wear long gloves and sleeves made of thick canvas to prevent the tiny hairs from reaching the skin. Additionally long boots and canvas or leather pants are used to prevent the legs from being exposed. Cloths are also worn over the mouth and nose to prevent breathing in the hairs if the plant is harvested in bulk. 


The roots and leaves of the plant are boiled for several hours to release a red oil that is used to treat cuts. The oil is anticeptic and will clean out any wound - though it does still possess some of the original 'heat'. Patients will know that they have been treated with fire fern when they feel the area swabbed with the red liquid starting to feel warm. It is also combined with other materials to treat all sorts of illnesses and diseases. The plant is commonly made by apprentice Alchemists to sell as Fajro , the Gnomish word for Fire.

Nearly every country wife in the marches will have a small stand of fire fern in their medicinal garden. 

Ingredient for treatment of:

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