‘Twas the Feast of Old Winter, and all through the Vale, All the families were gathered, for a mid-winter’s tale.

The hearths were all covered with boughs of pine green, And bright silver bells to praise the Snow Queen.

… both kith and kine. With bellies of sweet bread and snow-berry wine.

Once again they gathered as in times of old, To drive away the dark, the hunger and the cold.

The Winter-men stand guarding the corners four, Honoring their pledge ‘tween Wither and door.

By darkest hour does the tale spinner weave The journey of Lady Frost on Winter-Fest ‘eve.

With IceHoof and Frostmane to carry her on, The frosty-white chargers … ‘till dawn.

Bedecked and bejeweled in her snowy-white gown

… adorned with her crown.

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