The second book in Alwyn's trilogy.


  • Alwyn ends up living with a Hanabril village as a halfling (in size) and learns about Natural (Druidic / Shamanistic) magic. He is sent to speak with an old friend of Randelfur - who turns out to be a Halfling Shaman.
  • Randelfur continues to hunt down the remaining members of the Frost Witch's coven and her apprentice, Gar.
  • The Hanabril village is attacked by raiders in the middle of autumn - either goblins looking for food or perhaps something undead.
  • Alwyn spontaneously discovers how to cast 'Daylight'; turning his usual light spell into true sunlight. By doing so it is one of the first markers that he's able to push his control of magic beyond what his Master has taught him since Randelfur had never taught him the daylight spell.
  • After the village is attacked and damage is done, he and the survivors journey to a nearby Halfling 'Stronghold' to heal and regroup. Their home was burned in the attack and can be rebuilt with other druids to help them regrow it.
  • Alwyn discovers the Tower of one of the Green Wizards of Ormalon.
    • Alwyn recovers a scrap of a spellbook from the Tower.
  • Alwyn discovers a Hadron Crystal.


It has been a year and some change since Alwyn was accepted as Randelfur's apprentice. With his father arrested for desrtion by a detachment of Arnan Soldiers, and his older brother Gar vanished into the forest Alwyn's life is nearly ideal.

Randelfur, in his spare time, has been attempting to track down any remnants of Frost Witch's coven to ensure that they don't cause problems for the village or the region. One morning in mid-spring, Randelfur asks Alwyn if he will take a package to one of his old friends in the Willows. Alwyn is extatic at the chance to go on an adventure - even if it is only as far as the Willows. He will offer a gift to his master's friend at the border, turn right-around and come back.


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