The Dragon Forges were created during the Tauric Wars by the last of the Dorrow. Each of these forges were created with the soul of an ancient dragon to fuel its abilities. The Dragon Forges have long been rumored to create artifacts of great power throughout history, aiding heroes to defeat the forces of evil, or to aid worthy servants of their vile masters.

The Dragon Forges, even after centuries of slumber, still retain the personalities of the dragons whose spirits dwell within them. To create an artifact by means of a forge, one must offer gifts of magic, lore, personal sacrifice or even worship to encourage the spirit to stir favorably. The dragon forge, which always appears as the head of the dragon within it, will only open its mouth – where offerings can be made – at certain times of the month. Each forge is unique as to the time it will open, but once opened and the offerings made to it, the creation of an artifact takes one full turning of the moon. When the mouth opens again the artifact can be claimed.

Several of the greatest heroes and villains of recorded history have risen to power due to the possession of an artifact forged within the mouth of a Dragon.


Each dragon forge has a guardian - a protector that ensures that only those who are suitable to approach the forge may do so. The guardians may be dragons of the same color, arcane constructs or anything in between. It is said that the forge calls out for beings to protect it and ensure that it is not misused. A guardian is infused with the power of the Dragon Forge and is granted immortality and varying degrees of invulnerability depending on the nature of the dragon's spirit within the forge. A guardian at the Forge of the Eternal Flame, for example, is invulnerable to all forms of damage form fire.

Known locations

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