The Dorrow are a 'race' of once-dragon beings who refused to take the test of the Soul required of all drakes to enter the court of the Dragon Emperor. 

Dorrow, a word in medjia and nearly every sentient language on Arland that means teacher, are at least a thousand years old and may continue to live for another thousand or more baring incident and injury. They possess all of the wisdom and knowledge of when they walked the earth as a dragon but once transformed into a Dorrow they can never polymorph into any dragon-like creature again. 

Considering that only one in a thousand drakes who are called for the Test of the Soul become one of the Dorrow there are not many - usually only a half-dozen in existence in Arland at any one time. Many Dorrow will settle in a remote location or near one of the cities of the ancient races and serve as advisors for them. 


Dorrow are tall for a race, nearly seven feet in height and of an appropriate build to match. Their fingers are longer than normal and their eyes range in color from amber-yellow to moss-green with the occasional robins-egg blue or walnut brown as well. Their bodies are hairless except for the occasional manifestation of facial hair. Dorrow do not need to eat or sleep to maintain their health though many do so from time to time.


Although Dorrow may appear humanoid and interact with the sentient races from time to time, their thoughts are completely foreign. Afterall, they are a dragon who chose to walk upon two legs for the rest of their days. They do not think like a 'two-legs' nor do they act like one. Their tempers can range from long and patient to short and explosive. Many will, on occasion, seek out companions from some of the longer-lived races to combat any sense of lonliness or boredom.


Dorrow possess the ability to channel each of three forms of magic (arcane, divine and natural) at will though many will appear to possess an affinity for one form or another. They do not age in the traditional sense and may be harmed though they have a natural magical resistance to all known forms of attack. 

In game terms, a typical Dorrow is considered to be a master (level 20) as a cleric, druid and wizard.

Known Dorrow

Name First Appearance Region Magical Affinity Alignment
Lorien (Lor-e-yen) 627 KR Sylvanar Natural Lawful Good
Valen 201 KR GF. Mountain Divine Neutral Good
Kaelen 579 KR Tor Gizad Arcane Neutral

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