Dark Alchemy, a development of standard alchemy, is not easily learned. Being trained in this advanced skill of Dark Alchemy also requires that the character find someone willing to train them in such arts; not an easy or a cheap accomplishment. Unlike other skills, a character that practices Dark Alchemy must learn various formulas to create specific substances.

Similar to a wizard and their spell books, a character practicing Dark Alchemy will have a collection of formulas within their Codex – again; a book similar to that of a wizard’s spell book.

Dark Alchemical formulas can be acquired in a variety of methods. Some formulas may be purchased from sellers of that substance where as others may be purchased from various criminal elements in large cities. Formulas fall into different categories.


Dark Alchemy can be used to attach flesh and bone, boost one’s abilities or even bestow upon them spell-like powers but where some would argue its true power lies is in its ability to permanently change the user. Dark Alchemists can graft the skin, claws, wings etc. of another creature onto that of the recipient to increase their natural armor class or attach claws to their fingers to give them deadly attacks. 

Known Augmentations


See Also:Transformations

Dark Alchemy can be used to transform the subject into other creatures or into various incarnations or variations other people. By combining various essences, gems and other ingredients, the Alchemist can make an animal more sentient; reduce a human to a savage, beast-like creature or somewhere in between. These skills have also been used to transform a person into the opposite sex, keep one young and beautiful or age them beyond their years or eve n change their physical features to disguise them. 

Arcane Graft:

Dark Alchemy can be used to attach Gems and other items to the flesh of another often to boost one's magical abilities.

Known Grafts

Alchemical Narcotics

Alchemical Narcotics are Dark Alchemical substances that can be used by any class and any race. They have been created to allow the user to boost their abilities in addition to any other magical boosts they may have cast upon them. However, though these substances allow the character to ‘stack’ similar effects upon themselves, Alchemical Narcotics extract a heavy price.

Known Alchemical Narcotics

  • Jade (Green Powder that is sniffed)
  • Cobalt (Blue Powder that is sniffed)
  • Ice (clear-blue crystals that are let to disolve in the mouth)
  • Banshee's Tear (Purple fluid that is taken as an eye-drop)
  • Widow Maker (drunk with wine)

Hellish Engineering

Useable by any race or class, these creations are generally quite powerful. Dark Alchemy at this level surpasses potions and elixirs and can involve arcane grafts. Technology has been blended with alchemy to mimic the effects of high-order magic.

Dark Alchemical Ingredients:

Main article: Alchemical Ingredients

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