Dannu Wyn,

Born: Bissen 20, 5437 HR

Spouce: Brenna Wyn married in 5461 HR.

Remarried to Shawna ap Charrik in 5483 HR.

Bron Wyn in 5462 HR.

Gar Wyn in 5466 HR

(Unknown) in 5470 HR

step-father to Alwyn. 5470 HR

Died: ???



Dannu had joined the Arnan army a few years prior and was stationed in the city of Farwatch, a lonely garrison town that had grown into a major hub of trade. Once he was in Farwatch, he was part of military forces responsible for patroling the border from any possible Northlander trouble. In many respects, Dannu's assignment was one of the easiest in the Arnan army as there hadn't been much trouble with the North in years. It would have been until Dannu went on another routine patrol.

The patrol took them along the border of Caed following the river that marked the border between the Provinces and the Northlands. The patrol only numbered a dozen foot-soldiers with a captain with one foot in retirement. They came up on a small band of Norvik hunters who had just downed a Shovel-Horn buck and were defending it against a Drake. One of the Norvik shot an arrow at the drake and missed but when the arrow fell back to earth it struck near the patrol. By the time the Patrol arrived at the scene, the drake had been driven away leaving them to answer for a suspected attack against the Arnans.

The captain wasn't looking for a fight and neither was the Norvik but Dannu was bored and itching for a fight. He goaded the Captain, urging him to arrest the Norvik for attacking their patrol. The two groups yelled back and forth for a time and then Dannu screamed that one of the Norvik was a mage and casting a spell. The other Arnan soldiers knew what destruction that a mage could bring against them. Before the captain could control his men, Dannu screamed for the archers to open fire against the Norvik. The Norvik defended themselves and one of them threw a spear at the Arnans, striking the captain and killing him.

When the fighting was over, the Norvik had been slain and all but two of the Arnan had died. Dannu threatened the other surivivor to agree with the story that he had brewed up to cover the death of the captain. Upon their return to the base, he attempted to pass on a story of how he and the other survivor had slain the Norvik invaders after the Captain fell to their leader's spear. The garrison commander didn't believe the story and ordered the two seized until the truth could be determined. That night Dannu escaped and fled south leaving the other survivor to answer for the crime.

As a deserter of the Arnan army, he is still wanted by the garrison commander to answer for his crime.

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