Conclave is the regional meeting of the wizards of the Azure Council. Held in late spring every year, the location of Conclave varies but is often held at a large town or small city to accomodate the influx of arcane casters. 

Conclave usually lasts a week and during this time there are several events that are scheduled for those who attend.

Week-Long Events

Wizard Market

During the week merchants will gather to sell fine clothing, implements of various quality and materials to be used as spell components or labratory equipment. This market is often set aside from the usual vendors of the city as the items are far too valueble to risk thievery. In many occasions, the merchants will set up their stalls in the courtyard of the hosting priory. 

Azure Test

Principal to the Conclave is the execution of the Azure Test given to those novices whose masters felt that they are ready to have their knowledge and skills tested and move on to become apprentices.

The test is administered by at least three members of the Azure Council and usually takes an hour. The test is administered the entire week of the Conclave. 


A number of games and contests are held during the conclave which test the skills of young novices. The games range in skill and complexity but each one helps improve the novice's ability to call upon and shape magic. 

A common game includes 'Shock Ball ' whereby novices call forth a ball of arcane energy and hurl it at members of the other team. The shock is only minimally harmful and gives the feeling similiar to striking one's funny bone. Teams are usually formed by Priory of around six players on each side. 

Specific Events


The General Assembly of the Conclave is an event that happens mid-week where by the Council announces their plans, reports on any progress for their on-going projects and advises the arcane community of any concerns. It is also the forum whereby a wizard might voice their opinion, opposition or concern about some event happening in the world. 

Council Meeting

The Council will generally meet three times during the week; once at its start, in the middle and at its conclusion. These meetings are closed to the public unless specific information is requested from an individual. 

Conclaves of Record

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