The Oath of Gizad is a binding contract held by all Magi trained within the Academy of Arcane Arts in the city of Tor Gizad and all wizards throughout the Kels, Provinces and Marches. The Oath was created in antiquity and has been updated by the Gizerad as necessary.

The Oath is a fairly complicated series of laws that governs the study and practice of arcane magic within the Kingdom. Here listed are some of the most commonly known articles listed within the Oath:

Article 1:

No magi, wizard or practitioner of the Arcane Arts may endanger the existence of Arcane Magic. The destruction of Arcane Magic must be prevented at all costs and those who would threaten its continuation shall be hunted down and destroyed.

Article 2:

The Gizerad shall rule in all matters concerning the protection and education of magic within the Kingdom of Arn and its territories. Their authority shall be absolute but not without mercy.

Article 24:

No Magi, wizard or practioner of the Arcane Arts may knowingly steal or otherwise obtain the consciousness, life essence, or 'soul' of another, sentient being.

Article 24:(a)

No Magi, wizard or practioner of the Arcane Arts may knowingly transfer their consciousness, life essence, or 'soul' into the body of another sentient being.

Article 26:

No Magi, wizard or practitioner of the Arcane Arts may study, teach, or use the dark arts of Necromancy within the Kingdoms of the Kels or Tor Gizad

Article 26:(a)

The study of necromancy is permitted for defensive purposes only.

Article 26:(b)

The study of necromancy for defensive purposes shall be extended to include the territories known as the Marches - east of the Sentinel Sea.

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