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Welcome to The Chronicles of Arn Wiki!
This is the resource guide to the Chronicles of Arn Campaign Setting for the Pathfinder Game System.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Wikia uses a number of images and concept art found all over the internet. The art on the wikia are generally taken or modified from the net and are meant for a better understanding of the Chronicles of Arn Setting. There is no intended infringement upon the creative resources of any artist or designer. Non-Custom images are meant simply as a place- holder until original art can be generated to replace it. This wiki is constantly updated. Check back often.

Featured Characters

Featured Houses

Featured Campaigns

Featured Organizations

Featured Locations


The Game

  • Game-The mechanical side to this campaign setting.
  • Player's Guide-How to get started
  • Mechanics-All of the variations off of the basic, Pathfinder system.
  • Class-Are you a Warrior or a Fighter, Ranger or Rogue, Wizard or Witch?
  • Race-All the races of the Realms, humanoid and monstrous alike.
  • Gear-Because what's an adventure without stuff?
  • Religion-Because we all want healed.
  • Magic-Magic in the world, be it Arcane, Natural or Divine.
  • Magic Items-Because what's life without a little magic?

The Story


Things to Do

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  • Projects - Active projects to complete on the wiki
  • Stubs—Unfinished articles that need to be fleshed out or the pages deleted.
  • Unused images—Images that need to be shown somewhere.
  • Discussion Board—Join a discussion, give feedback, ask a question, or say hi.
  • Recent Changes—See what other editors are writing about.
  • Chat—Chat with other developers.
  • Maps—Help define the maps.

Recent Activity

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