Channeling arcane energy is one of the first abilities a caster (Wizard, Druid, Cleric, Witch, etc.) learns in their training. Its by this ability that he/she is able to imbue items with the forces needed to fuel spells that will be used at a later date or when casting a spell.


By use of this spell the novice caster is able to gain greater and greater control of the flow of magical energy around them thus improving their ability to cast more complex spells.

Channeling Energy can enchance a spell by increasing its duration or altering its form. 

Spell Enhancement

A caster can channel energy into an already cast spell (previous round) to do a number of things.

  • Increase duration: The caster wishes to elongate the time that the spell will last (a shield spell for example) so they continue to channel energy into the previously cast spell to maintain its existance. Double the duration of the spell.
  • Increase potency: The caster wishes to increase the amount of strength or resilance within a spell. A shield spell, for example, could be channeled to withstand greater damage. Double the potency of the spell.
  • Increase dimension: The caster wishes to increase the size of coverage of the spell. A sheild spell, for example, could be increased to protect a greater area. Double the size of the spell. 

For every round that the caster channels their energy into the spell they can perform one spell enhancement. I.e. they can increase its duration one round, its potency the next and dimension the third. 


A character is able to channel, that is to say they can continue to funnel magical energy into a single spell, for only a limited time. Characters can channel an amount of energy equal to one-half of their energy-pool (rounded down) over a number of rounds equal to their level. 

Example: A level 1 wizard with a mana pool of 7 can channel 3 points of mana in 1 round without suffering Channeling Sickness. 

Should a caster attempt to channel too much energy through their body at any one time they will start suffering what is called Channeling Sickness.

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