Caphar Aban Hashan
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Important Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Petrosi
Class ,
Faith Huran
Date of Birth
Date of Death death
Family House of
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From: Hashan Aban Kasar

The young man, who would eventually become known as 'Kopha ', was going to be sold at the slave auction and, due to his sarcastic tone, was most probably going to be sold to either the pleasure houses of Sekket or to one of the temples as a sacrifice. Hashan, recognizing the accent of the young man, knew him to be from his own town and was impressed by his intelligence. He purchased the young man and instructed him that he would become his 'assistant' while he was in Sekket.

Kopha had never thought about learning a trade. He had grown up on the streets of Enkil and learned only to steal but serving as an assistant to a mage and Alchemist would allow him to live in comfort and relative luxury. He was more than just eager to learn - he was desperate to get out of his life of poverty. While in Sekket, Ibn studied alchemy and plied his trade as an Apothecary within the city of Sokoru . 

The two were in the city for about four years when the political and religious climate changed and they needed to be elsewhere. As Hashan had no desire to return home to Enkil, he found passage on a Sekketi trade ship and headed for Koraj

While there he became a known figure both amonst the wizard and alchemy guilds. After four years, when Kophar had completed his eight years of service, Hashan released his servant and gave him an copies of his past three Libram and a blank, plus one for himself and enough money to buy passage on a trade cog heading west on the Black River

The Libram, like many of Hashan's writings, was simply a record of his research over a given period of time. He took to the practice of having one book to encompass all of his research notes for a given year and as such each notebook was labeled, sequentially, for each year of his research, starting when he turned 18. 

Village Life

Kophar is a trained scribe and alchemist of some note.  

His most lucrative trade is in household alchemical gear such as Tindertwigs, incense, perfume, burn salve, soap, hair soap, Lantern Globes and the like.


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