Born as Brenna ap Morden, she is the step-mother to Alwyn.

Born: Veren 12, 5442 HR

Spouce: Dannu Wyn in 5461 HR, (becoming Brenna dar Wyn).

Bron Wyn in 5462 HR.

Gar Wyn in 5466 HR

(Unknown) in 5470 HR

Died: Malen 10, 5482 HR

The Family Morden

Brenna has a twin sister, Bronna, that lives in the village of Feldspar slightly north west of Wyckhurst on the King's Road.

The only visual difference between Bronna and Brenna is that Bronna usually wears her hair braided and kept close to her head where as Brenna lets her hair down more often.

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