Thorns, the Book of

Last Reported Location: The Marches

Last Noted Use: 1175 KR

The text is bound in deep red leather the color of blood and fire, it is rumored to have been covered in the wing leather of a red dragon. Larger than the standard book and capped at the corners with smooth gold filigree, the book is a beautiful representation of Infernal craftsmanship. The edges are cut with a fine razor’s edge and set with leather tabs to mark the passages.

The Book of Thorns is a title whispered amongst the Witching World. It is a source of great power and dark magical secrets that many a Witch would sacrifice their own loved ones to possess.

The Book was reported once in the collection of the noted infernalist mage, Draken Rhal.

Rumored Contents

The Book of Thorns was rumored to possess a page from the Black Book, the source of the 101 Forbidden Spells.