Natural magical beast (dragon)
Blue dragon - Lars Grant-West
Blue dragon

Natural magical beast (dragon)


Chromatic dragon




Blue dragons are orderly creatures and are unusual for chromatics in that they keep fairly well-ordered, hierarchical societies. Preferring aquatic terrains such as large lakes, inland seas or oceans as their domains, Blue Dragons tend to prefer their solitude.

Physical Attributes

Blue dragon anatomy - Richard Sardinha

A review of blue dragon anatomy.

Blue dragons look like Bronze dragons - but blue.


As with all dragon lairs, the blue dragon's lair will have two entrances: one at ground level and hidden by the water, and one opening onto a high ledge on which it can perch and survey its territory. Each lair also has a large subterranean cavern with a large pool of water and a sandy beach, which its inhabitant will use for drinking and relaxation.


The blue dragon excells at aerial combat, perhaps moreso than any other species of dragon. Their lightning discharges are very easy to aim at other aerial foes, or at creatures below them on the ground. They are also extremely adept at burrowing in sand, and often lie in wait just below the surface of the desert for prey. When they are so burrowed, their large horns can easily be mistaken for pointed desert rocks.

Parenting and Development

Blue Dragon (overhead)
Despite their evil nature, blue dragons are actually excellent parents to their young, and will rarely leave their eggs unattended. Blue dragon eggs must be buried in warm sand to incubate. Blue wyrmlings are actually quite cute, but they are quick to taunt any other creature, and even quicker to hunt small desert creatures for food.

Blue Dragon Characters


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