Blackwing is a Halfling Ranger of the Hanabril peoples in the 2nd Alwyn adventure. He has a tamed wolf as a mount and favors a blackwood bow (Blackwing's Bow ) when hunting. Blackwing is seen by many within the village of Thistletop as one of their best hunters and is thought to replace the village's leader when he dies. 

It is assumed that Blackwing will marry Moro Frogstalker when he becomes the new leader. The two have known each other all of their lives and have great respect for each other's skills, but both are too proud to admit their feelings for each other. They're waiting for a sign from their ancestors for when they should bond. 


Blackwing's name is:

Bakujak Ba-Yur kili Maldal'lo

(Baku-jak, Son of Yur (Yursik is his father), called Blackwing)



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