Bel is the smallest of the two, Gnomish Provinces, located west of Kel Arn. It's neighbor to the north, Berk, was more settled than Bel which tended to be more agriarian until the Golem Wars that drove a social, political and economic wedge between the two provinces. Only once the Berkeron were driven out of the provinces and into the Ivory Plains, did the Gnomes of Bel begin to migrate into the thriving, now empty, cities of Berk.

Settlements of Bel:

Trade Exports

Bel is known for a number of trade goods that are exported to many of the human lands (their main trading partners) as well as to the Dwarves of the Shield Marches and to the Elves of the Golden Wood. 

Commonly Exported Goods Include

  • Kava
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Linen Cloth
  • Wine (various flavors)
  • Dried Cherries

But the one export that Bel is known throughout the Sentinal Sea for selling is their infamous Reizel , an aged cherry wine that even the elves of Sylvanar have appreciatd. It is because of the success of their exports of this richly flavored wine that Bel is sometimes known as "the Arbor of the West". 

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