Barony of Morendur
Important Information
Type Barony of the South
Leader House of Morentelli
Seat Mirador
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Known Members
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A Barony within the South Marches located within the forest of Morwood

The Barony is now and has always been under the rulership of the House of Morentelli . Morentelli rose to power during The Great Silence as they were able to grow the medicinal herbs necessary to keep the Kels healthy. Dozens of plantations were started within the Morwood to grow a number of apothecary items but then later shifted to growing a variety of teas. 

The Barony of Morendur is the herbal and tea producing heart of the South Marches and is the source of much of the commodity found in the Kels. 

Known Marches

Known Characters

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Politics of Morendur

Political Relations
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Belirat is one of the only economic powers in the South Marches that could challenge Morendur. Both enjoy a fair amount of economic superiority over other barons and fairly confident in their ability to out-buy or out-spend their opponents. 

Black Stone


General Respect but only in economic dealings. 



General Respect but only in economic dealings. 



Elsbeth Morentelli is the most ruthless of her siblings - savage enough to kill her older brothers to pave the way for her asscension to the throne. 









Worried that Vargoth might send his dragons over to the her tea and herb plantations and demand a portion of their profits or burn the farms - and their profits to the ground. 
South Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Founded
Belirat Belir "Last to Fall" Bronzefort 450 KR
Black Stone Blackwell "Patient as the Night" Blackmarch 725 KR
Dunmorr Karn "We do not yield" Baron's Gate 600 KR
Morendur Morentelli "No debt left unpaid" Mirador 510 KR
Nordmare Grellen "Wisdom and Strength" Norranthal 410 KR
Ashwood Torgus "From the Ashes we Rise" Shade 550 KR
Southford Borrath "Leave No Rival" Southshore 504 KR
Vargoth Krey "Fear our Flames" White Harbor 570 KR

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