Barony of Belirat
Important Information
Type Barony of the South
Leader House of Belir
Seat Bronzefort
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A Barony of the South Marches lead by His Lordship Vorgus Belir

The barony was the first to be settled in the South Marches and is home to the city of Bronzefort deep within the Bronzewood Forest.

Marches of Belirat

History of Belirat

The Barony of Belirat was formed by the House of Belir . Originally founded with the port town of South Port , the house later expanded into the nearby Bronzewood Forest . There they created a settlement around the Deepwell Lake where they could more easily access the expansive stands of Bronzewood trees. 

The Barony of Belirat and the House of Belir expanded following the Whitestone River. Several of the barony's early settlements lie along its length until the Bronzewood Forest was discovered and its interior explored. 

Politics of Belirat

Political Relations
Settlement Public Private



Black Stone


General Respect but only in economic dealings. 



General Respect but only in economic dealings. 



General Respect but only in economic dealings. They are the northern allies and partners in trade. They share the fundamental values we all cherish









Worried that Vargoth might send his dragons over to the Bronzewood and demand a portion of their profits or burn the forest - and their profits to the ground. 

Economics of Belirat

The economics of the barony have always been grounded deeply in trade. Once their control of the Bronzewood forest was secured and the vast wealth of the groves surveyed, the house has profited much from their export of natural resources.

The shipyards of Kel Essen would not be as active without the huge stands of bronzewood timber supplying keel and mast to say the least. The Bronzewood tree is so intrinsicly tied to the economics of the barony that the seeds of the tree are considered almost a form of currency - though the difficulty in creating a bronzewood grove makes the gesture more symbolic than functional. 

Religion of Belirat

Features of Belirat

Known Settlements

South Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Founded
Belirat Belir "Last to Fall" Bronzefort 450 KR
Black Stone Blackwell "Patient as the Night" Blackmarch 725 KR
Dunmorr Karn "We do not yield" Baron's Gate 600 KR
Morendur Morentelli "No debt left unpaid" Mirador 510 KR
Nordmare Grellen "Wisdom and Strength" Norranthal 410 KR
Ashwood Torgus "From the Ashes we Rise" Shade 550 KR
Southford Borrath "Leave No Rival" Southshore 504 KR
Vargoth Krey "Fear our Flames" White Harbor 570 KR

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