Baron's Deep
Market Details
CN Underground
Region Barrens
Settlement Baron's Gate
Access DC 20
Modifiers Corruption +6; Crime +6; Economy +3; Law -2; Lore +3; Society +2
Qualities Notorious, official understanding*
Danger +25
Government Secret Syndicate
Population 1,500
Notable PCs  ?
Market Place
Base Value 20,000sm
Purchase Limit 100,000 sm
Spellcasting 6th
Items Minor: All, Medium: 4d4, Major: 3d4
Common Goods
Uncommon Goods
Rare Goods

Baron's Deep is a region under the city of Baron's Gate. It is commonly known simply as "The Deep".

It is considered the domain of thieves and assassins. Common points of entry are under bridges and the occasional store room.

Known Points of Entry

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