The resin of the Ashun tree, native to the warmer climates of Arn, is highly prized within the markets of Sekket and Malanar. This amber is not as clear as other varieties and so is not carved into jewelry.

Ashuni (as the Sekketi call it) amber is slowly ground into a fine, yellow-orange powder and used as a flavoring for some dishes. The amber spice powder has a rich flavor of nuts and vanilla. The spice is traded in half-pound , air-tight, ceramic containers in almost every market in Sekket. In time, the Amber Spice , as it is also known,  is traded as far west as Tor Gizad.

The amber chunks are ground on a flat plate of carved granite. The plate is about one foot in diameter with a thick lip around the edge to prevent the powder from spilling except through the small pour spout. Tiny grooves are cut into the surface of the plate in a twisted spiral that radiates out from the center.

Like many things in Sekket, the production of Amber spice requires a great deal of patience.

Some qualities of the ground amber dust are used in the production of incense which has a very rich nutty vanilla aroma.

Known Sources

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