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Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Goddess of the Harvest
Rank Lesser God
Servants None
Dominion Court of Light
Alignment Neutral Good
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Portfolio Earth, Protection, Harvest, Fertility
Worshipers Companion, Musicians
Followers Alignment Any Good, Chaotic
Domains Earth, Protection, Good, Plant

A Greater Goddess of the Harvest, Fertility and planting, Sister to Amara and Assura , mother to Lytha



Arza is the goddess of the fields, the crops, harvest, and planting.


Sacred Items




Cat (Orange Tabby)




  • Straw-yellow
  • Apple-Red

Holy Symbol: Arza's holy symbol is that of a four-pointed cross known as "Arza's Knot". It comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends. The Knot is often made by braiding strands of straw, grass or rushes together and then securing the ends. These knots are often displayed on the doors of those who worship Arza and are often decorated with garland of dried flowers or colorful leaves.



There are few temples to Arza outside of the Halfling peoples. Many humans in rural villages will have small shrines dedicated to her in a corner of their fields or even in their home.

A common shrine to Arza in the home is set upon the mantle above the fireplace. The shrine is usually a doll made of braided wheat straw or spring grasses that is decorated with flowers or fruits depending on the season.

Known Temples

There are few known temples to Arza outside of the Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves and Halflings. Humans, for whatever reason, never evolved her worship to any level beyond the occasional shrine. This is primarily because most of her followers were rural, farming folk with no great with with which to build her lofty temples.

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Rituals & Ceremonies

Apple Moon Festival


The Triskelion

The triskelion is the name given to the group of three goddesses who were sisters; Assura, Amara and Azra. 

Assura with her sisters Amara and Arza represent the three goddesses of creation (Air, Water and Earth). Assura, as the oldest of the three sisters, was often seen as an elderly figure wearing a white cloak. Amara, the middle sister, was a woman in her prime and wore a blue dress the color of a calm lake. Arza, the youngest, wore a dress of green the color of fresh grass. 

War of Burning Heavens

The Triskelion was broken during the War of Burning Heavens when Assura sacrificed herself to create a barrier around the prime reality and prevent outsider creatures (devils, demons) from entering. This left Amara, the middle sister, as the leader of the remaining two. 



A drinking vessel decorated with an image of Arza.


A clay statue of Arza often displayed within the home.


Statues of Arza combine the earth (clay) and grasses (for hair)

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