Arness is the common language of the human lands. Arness is spoken as the 'official' language of the Kels, the North, South and East Marches. There are, however, several dialects of Arness each spoken within a given region.  The dialects are all based on the Arness root dialect but have evolved organically within their region. 

A human is assumed to know the regional dialect they were raised within and at least some degree of Arness assuming on their level of education.  See also: Arness Lexicon

The dialects of Arness are:

  • Kessan (East Marches outside of Marrash)
  • Marrashi (East Coast including Koraj)
  • Old Arnessi (An older dialect of Arness commonly spoken in the Marches)

Old Arnessi Word Fragments

  • Nor: North
  • Dell: Valley
  • Wyd: Dark Forest
  • Withy: Ghost or Spirit
  • Hurst: Hearth (home)
  • Tyr: Field
  • -na: Within / Inside (Tyr-na-wyd: Field in the forest)
  • Tor: Tower / Fortress
  • Izen: Iron
  • Kith: Ancestor
  • Dorrow: Wise / Old / Teacher
  • Dun: Light brown
  • Gaol: Jail
  • Thel: Gate
  • Golan: Stone
  • Var: River
  • Fel: To Twist, contort, change.

Arness Slang

  • Patch-Pocket: An impolite term used to refer to the urban poor.
  • Tatter-Cloak: An impolite term used for the urban poor referring to the torn edges of their garments


(Use Old Arnessi) or (Kessian Lexicon)

Old Arness Kessan Arness

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