Arcanite, sometimes known as Dragon Stone, is a mineral that is commonly found along the natural flows of arcane energy. Coloration may vary but usually it occurs in shades of green, purple and blue.

Arcanite can occur in octahedrons as small as a pea and as large as a walnut.


Arcanite is highly valued by Magi for its ability to conduct and store raw arcane energy. It is for this reason that several magi will fashion it into jewelry as a 'battery' to store energy.
Arcanite responds well to silver and gold and especially well to Moon Silver. It is for this reason many magi will have necklaces made of the rare metal in some shape that can easily grab or hold the eight-sided crystal. When energized with arcane energy and for several days afterwards, the Arcanite necklace will produce a soft glow about the same as a single candle's light. Each color of crystal will produce a glow with respect to its color.


The Gnomes of Tor Gizad have known about Arcanite for as long as their people have worked with arcane magic. As the Dwarves were trading in metals and other Gnomes were trading in jewels, the Gnomes who settled Tor Gizad traded in Arcanite crystals as a form of currency.

Items made from Arcanite

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