Arcane Goggles are a construction of the Artificers. The goggles can have any number of uses some magical and some mundane.

Types of Goggles


Mundane goggles can be used to block out bright lights or to magnify one's sight.


Magical goggles can have a number of uses. Some goggles are enchanted to allow wearer to see in the dark, see through invisibility spells or even see the flows of arcane magic.
More complex goggles can be enchanted to have multiple uses requiring only the tap of a finger and the muttering of a command to change their function from one view tot he next.

The creation of magical goggles requires a gemsmith as the lenses wether of gem or of glass must be ground before they are enchanted. The goggles themselves can be of any design but are commonly made of leather with an adjustable strap.

Common Magical Goggles

Uncommon Magical Goggles

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