Magical Gems

Not only does a valuable jewel add beauty and flair to a wand, rod or staff, it can also increase the its effectiveness. Mounting any one of the gems described below in a wand during the wand's creation adds the given effect. You must pay the material cost for a gem of the proper size and quality, in addition to the normal cost of creating the wand. Adding a gem does not increase the XP cost to create the wand, though it does add one full day to the time required to create it.

Only one gem can be included in a wand's creation. The market price of such a wand is increased by the value of the gem.


Gem Types

  • Availability: What level of settlement is required to find such a gem.
  • Mana Raiting: See Wand Creation
  • Value: Average market value of a Size-1 piece of the stone.

Name Description Availability

Mana Raiting



Also known as shieldstone, amaratha is a soft, greenish white or very pale green, sparkling type of jewel. It is most often found in exposed canyon walls or in the Underdark.Greenish White or very Pale Green 500 SM
Volcanic Egg green
Beljurils, also known as fireflashes, are large gems (typically 4 inches in diameter). Normally a deep, pleasant, sea water green, they periodically blaze with a sparkling, winking, flashing light. This discharge is pleasantly eye-catching in a candlelit great hall or a lantern-lit dancing grove, but in a dark chamber or the murky night, it is dazzling. Uncommon 3 500 SM

Black Opal

Black opal is a greenish type of opal with black mottling and gold flecks, usually found in ancient hot springs or their dry remnants. The Arness phrase "black as a black opal" means, effectively, not very black (or evil) at all. It is used to describe good-hearted rogues and similar individuals who would be embarrassed by praise. Greenish with Black Mottling and Gold Flecks 100SM

Black Sapphire

Black sapphire is a rare variety of sapphire that is a deep, rich black with yellow or white highlights. These jewels come mostly from the South, in particular the Great Rift, since they are most plentiful in the Deep Realm of the dwarves and are brought up through the Great Rift to the surface world for trading. deep, rich black with yellow or white highlights 500 SM


Diamonds are hard, translucent stones that can be clear (appearing blue-white), rich blue, yellow, or pink, among other hues. Blue-White, Blue, Yellow, or Pink 300 SM


A brilliant green beryl, the emerald is usually cut square. Green 250 SM

Fire Opal

Brilliant orange-red gems, fire opals are usually uniform in hue or contain golden or greenish flecks. They are most often found near active hot springs and geyser activity. Fire opals are an essential part of producing helms of brilliance. orange-red 100 SM


Also called hyacinth or flamegem, this fiery orange stone is a relative of the sapphire and other corundum stones. At the heart of every jacinth a tiny flame flickers and dances - not enough to illuminate surroundings, but enough to be seen from afar. This property of the stone forms the basis for many splendid cloaks and gowns worn by wealthy nobles. fiery orange 500 SM


When polished, jasmals catch sunlight or torchlight and give off haloes of amber light, although they themselves remain transparent and colorless. Hard enough to hold a cutting edge, jasmals are often worked into clasps on cloaks or tunics. Colorless 100 SM

King's Tear

Originally named for the King of the Northern Reaches, Renezah, it is also called Frost-Stone or Frozen Sapphire or Renezah's Tear. Ice Blue 500 SM


Moonbar crystals are pearly white, opaque gems found in desert and tropical areas of Petras. Moonbars are naturally large and rectangular with curved corners. most of these gems are approximately 1 foot long and 4 inches wide. Pearly White 100 SM
Sometimes known as the Necro-stone or Lich's Tear, it is a violet gem that has been favored by Necromancers due to its property to retain any enchantment placed upon it for an exceptionally long time. Unique 4 100 GC


Opaque, smooth gems, opals are pale blue with green and gold mottling. They are related in type to fire and black opals, but are only slightly more common. Opals are used in a number of magic items and spells, including helms of brilliance. pale blue with green and gold mottling 100 SM
Volcanic Egg gold
Orblen crystals yield deep golden gems of large size that can be shaped much like amber. The hue of this gem has earned it the nickname honeystone Common 2 100 SM
Volcanic Egg red
This clear to deep crimson red corundum stone is highly valued because of its sparkling shine and vivid hues. Folklore generally holds rubies to be lucky objects. Rare 3 100 SM
Volcanic Egg blue
Sapphire is a brilliant blue, translucent corundum mineral. Sapphires vary from a clear, pale blue to a radiant azure. Rare 3 100 SM

Star Ruby

A variation of the ruby (red corundum), this stone is less translucent than a normal ruby and has a white star highlighted at its center. Such stars are caused by the optical properties of the mineral crystal. They most commonly have six points, though other even-numbered combinations are possible. Of every hundred rubies, one is a star. 4 500 SM

Star Sapphire

An exceedingly valuable variation of the sapphire (blue or black corundum), this stone is less translucent than a normal sapphire and has a white star of four or more points highlighted at its center. Such stars, caused by the optical properties of the mineral, always have an even number of points - most commonly - six. For every thousand sapphires found, one is a star. 4 600 SM

A milky-white stone that glows with even the slighest arcane charge. It is unsuitable for high-energy spells or magic but can hold onto the pattern of lower spells for quite some time.White

It is often used by Novices and Apprentices while they learn to enchant materials. 

Common 3 20 SM


A blue variety of quartz, zendalure is found as large, egg-shaped crystals 2 to 6 inches in diameter in much the same places one finds quartz. Polished to a glassy finish, zendalures are used for inlay work and as tiny cabochons in rings, earrings, and pendants. Blue-White Uncommon 3 100 SM

Arcanite is a mineral that is commonly found along the natural flows of arcane energy. Coloration may vary but usually it occurs in shades of green, purple and blue.

Blue to Green

Arcanite can occur in octahedrons as small as a pea and as large as a walnut.

Rare 4 50 SM
Nexite Nexite is a mineral much like Arcanite but it is only found where one arcane path crosses another; a nexus. Amber Yellow (common) but varries to red,blue,and green. Rare 100 GC

Common Stones

Name Color Description Effect Value


Yellow - Helps with Conjuration magic 50 SM

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