Arcane Energy flows throughout the world like large rivers of light. Commonly called "The Flow", it behaves in much the same way as water - sometimes flowing as a river, or stream and sometimes suspended in the air like a mist or fog.

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Racial Resistance

Each of the races of Akara who have a capacity to channel arcane energy have a limit. Should they attempt to channel more than their body is able to conduct they will experience some degree of Arcane Burnout. Burnout can cause physical damage at first and then severe mental trauma impeding the wizard's ability to cast higher-level spells.

Each Race has it within themselves certain limitations or affinities for conducting Arcane energy.

Race Affinity Limit in level
Human None 8
Gnome Arcane 9
Halfling Nature 5
Dwarf Divine / Nature 7
Elf Arcane / Nature / Divine 9

Races without an affinity towards Arcane energy can still conduct it and become a wizard, they are simply not as gifted as those who are.

Other Energy Forms

When a wizard calls upon arcane energy it will often appear to be blue-white in color when it leaves the caster's body just as positive divine energy appears to be golden-white, negative divine energy appears red and natural energy appears green. In rare cases an Arcanist can tap directly into a pure arcane flow and the resultant energy will appear purple.

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