, or workbooks, are the everyday, "working" tomes of wizards. They tend to contain spells, regional and various bits of research jumbled in any order, interspersed with annotations and notes of magical lore, and are often stained and bartered from travel and use in the field

Arcanabula tend to be magic-specific, usually filled with information concerning the research of one or more similar spells. It is essentially a record of the wizard's research to unlock the way a spell is to be cast or a new variation of a spell may be created. Many wizards will have both a 'working' arcanabula which records their progress and failures but then also subject-specific texts which record new variations on pre-existing spells. Once the formulations for a new spell are complete and the wizard has successfully completed their research, the newly created spell can be copied into their 'official' spellbook (grimoire) and /or a book concerning all spell research along a particular theme (school) of magic. 

The contents of Arcanabula are often copied over into subject-specific grimoire or spellbooks once full. Arcanabula are often referenced by apprentices to see how a spell or ritual was researched, the mistakes and new discoveries.

Non-Magical writings

Arcanabula's tend to be filled with non-magical writings about magic but may contain a number of minor spells as a reference.

Known Arcanabula

  • Alwyn: When Caphar began teaching Medjia to Alwyn, he recorded the teachings and what few spells he had in the back of one of his other notebooks to conceal it.
  • Randelfur: Randelfur's most infamous Arcanabula concerns his research into portal magic.

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