Adria is the black witch who lives in the Briarwood forest in Webwood Hollow

Born: 850 KR


Major Questions

  1. When / How did she become a witch? Who trained her? Where was her original coven?
  2. When / Why did she leave Blackbriar?
  3. Why does she chose Web Wood to settle?
  4. How does she gain control over the spiders?
  5. How does she control the Morblin?
  6. What tribe of forest goblins does she control?


Crest-Web Wood-02
Originally a resident of the village of Blackbriar she left the village in X KR, and eventually claimed a cave in an area known as the Web Wood where she created the Web Wood Coven. The Web Wood is small valley west of the town of Thornhaven that is nestled in dense trees. The hollow gets its name from the proliferation of Grey Spiders which live there. 


Adria is a powerful witch but when she had her goblin forces haul away one of the singing stones that comprise the Light Wall , she made contact with one of the last surviving Shivak  who was trapped within it. 


Adria came across a small pack of Morblin living in a cave system within the Web Wood. Yolking their strength took almost no effort and with them she then began to search for any tribes of Forest Goblins to serve her. 


The Shivak , which became named Na'zali by the Hanabril ,  had slowly drained any available life force within the walled barrier - even killing others of his kind to outlast them. When it discovered the breach in the wall there was only the faintest bit of strength within it to escape and feed again. That's when Adria found it - hidden in a cave. She fed it goblins which were easy for it to drain but did little to rebuild its strength. It needed longer-lived creatures if it was to regain its power. So she began to capture halflings for it and bring them back to be offered up to the Shivak in exchange for its knowledge of how to manipulate and control the Shadows. 

With this power Adria's control over her followers increased and she amassed more goblin servants. Her new found mastery over life energy fueled by the Green Moon inspired her to experiment with her goblins and create Skaven . Though not true Skaven in that they are not able to reproduce others of their kind, the spider-like goblins that she created were loyal servants. 





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